For a decade, from 1922 to 1932, the Hindi Prachar movement in Kerala was carried out directly from the central office at Madras . In 1928, W.P.Ignatius, a resident of Cochin , was appointed Propaganda Secretary and owing to his efforts in 1928, an important resolution was passed unanimously in the Cochin State Assembly. The intention of the resolution was to make study of Hindi compulsory in the former princely State of Cochin . Prompted by this C.Mathaji, who was then heading the Education Department, took the decision to introduce Hindi as an elective subject in important schools of the State.


Similarly, in 1935, Travancore State passed an useful resolution unanimously in its Assembly to introduce Hindi as an additional language in all its schools followed by the schools in Malabar area in 1936 which completed the process of covering the whole of present day Kerala region.

When the Kerala Provincial Sabha was started in 1936, Pandit Devadootji became the Secretary. For a considerable time, the Secretary had to toil veryharad even without any clerical assistance. For quite a long period, Sundara Iyer and others had been functioning single-handed from Tripunithura, Malappuram and Ernakulam alternatively until 1953. N. Venkateswaranji, even against heavy odds, bought the land and building from where the Kerala Branch is functioning even today. Presently the existing land and building are being used to house the booksales, exam, press, post office and sammelan bhavan of the Kerala Branch.


The Sabha was running Vidyalayas for preliminary examinations through its numerous Pracharaks. According to the needs, from time to time, it was running Visharad and Praveen Vidyalayas also for a number of years. About twenty vidyalayas with hostel facilities were run and were very popular. Pracharak and Training courses have also been conducted for the benefit of students. In addition to these Vidyalayas, to coach students for University Hindi Vidwan examination, centres were opened and the members of the faculty from colleges taught students. For a number of years independent Hindi Vidyalayas by leading Pracharaks are successfully run even today without which Sabha could not have attained the status as of this day.


In 1957, at the All-Kerala Hindi Prachar Sammelan which was inaugurated by the former President of India, Dr.Rajendraprasad, to commemorate the occasion, a monthly ‘Kerala Bharathy’ a bilingual Hindi-Malayalam magazine was inaugurated and is being continued even today.

Silver Jubilee celebrations of the Kerala Branch was held in 1965 and was inaugurated by Dr.Zakir Hussain, Vice-President of India and during that festival Indian languages convention, Pracharak Sammelan were some of the salient features. Provincial Hindi Prachar Press was established in 19674 which was inaugurated bu the Deputy Prime Minister, Morarji Desaiji.


Gandhiji Centenary was celebrated on a grand scale by the Provincial Sabha in 1969 and the accomplishment was a Bhavan at Quilon. When the Golden Jubilee of the Central Sabha was celebrated in 1971., many Pracharaks and Hindi lovers from Kerala took part in the function and extended their sincere co-operation in making the celebrations a grand success.


It is a matter of pride to mention that the Sabha has extended its Post Graduate education on a large scale to this province also.


Society Registration

The Kerala Branch of the Sabha was registered on 22-06-1988 vide Registration No.ER.330/88 under Travancore – Kochi Sahithya, Shastriya, Dharmasanghangal Registration Act .



As per the provisions of the constitution the elections are conducted once in three years for election of Executive Committee and Office Bearers and as well as Board of Trustees and Managing Trustee. The elections for the present Managing Committees were held during January 2005. A copy of the list of the elected representatives is enclosed.

 The Day today activities of the Sabha is administered under the Supervision and control of the Secretary who is appointed by the Central Sabha .